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These Exclusions Are For The Following Security Life Dental Plans

Security Life Advantage 1000
Dental Indemnity Insurance
Security Life Advantage Plus 1000
Dental Indemnity Insurance
Security Life Advantage 2000
Dental Indemnity Insurance
Security Life Advantage Plus 2000
Dental Indemnity Insurance
Security Life Advantage Network 1000
Dental PPO
Security Life Advantage Plus Network 1000
Dental PPO
Security Life Advantage Network 2000
Dental PPO
Security Life Advantage Plus Network 2000
Dental PPO

Comments that are highlighted in Blue are observations by Savon

No benefits will be paid for expenses incurred:
  1. For over dentures and associated procedures.
  2. For charges in excess of those considered reasonable and customary.
  3. For cosmetic procedures.
  4. For the replacement of dentures, bridges, inlays, onlays or crowns that can be repaired or restored to normal function.
  5. For implants; and for
    • a.  replacement of lost or stolen appliances
    • b.  replacement of retainers
    • c.  athletic mouth guards
    • d.  precision or semi-precision attachments
    • e.  denture duplication; or
    • f.  sealants
  6.  For oral hygiene instructions; and for
    • a.  plaque control
    • b.  completion of a claim form
    • c.  acid etch
    • d.  broken appointments
    • e.  prescription or take-home fluoride; or
    • f.  diagnostic photographs
  7. For study models
  8. For general anesthesia, analgesic or intravenous sedation.
  9. For services not completed by the end of the month in which coverage ends, unless continuation of coverage has been requested and accepted by Us.
  10. For procedures that are begun, but not completed.
  11. For services and treatment provided without charge or for which there would be no charge in the absence of insurance.
  12. For services in connection with war or any act of war, whether declared or undeclared, or condition contracted or accident occurring while on full-time active duty in the armed forces of any country or combination of countries.
  13. For a condition covered under any Worker’s Compensation Act or similar law.
    Since Savon is not Insurance, if you have workers' compensation or are self-employed, you are still entitled to your Savon benefits.

  14. That are applied toward satisfaction of a Deductible, if any.
  15. That are generally considered by the dental profession as experimental or investigational.
  16. For the treatment of cleft palate and anodontia.
  17. For services or supplies payable under any medical expense plan.
  18. For orthodontia, unless included within Coverage Schedule.
    This is especially important for anyone in need of braces.

  19. Prior to the date the Insured is covered under the Policy.
  20. For the diagnosis or treatment of TMJ.
  21. For hospital services.
  22. For any unmarried child age 19 years of age and over unless he is dependent upon You for support, while a full-time student.  A full-time student is one who is enrolled for 12 semester hours for credit in an accredited junior college, college or university.  Any exception for a full-time student will end at age 25.
  23. During any waiting period we require.  When you voluntarily end your insurance and re- enroll at a later date.  Your waiting period is 2 years and begins on the date your coverage first ended.
  24. Charges for infection control, sterilization and waste disposal.
As of this update, we have not been able to find any information online about their exclusions.  The information on this screen is from 2 years ago so some of it may not be accurate.

Updated 9/20/2016

Savon Dental Plan Is Not Available For Purchase In The State Of Florida
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