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June 2022 Newsletter

What´s New at Savon

Quote Of The Month:   “Real friends don‘t get offended when you insult them.  They smile and call you something even more offensive.”  Author Unknown

Congratulations To:

B. Mikesell of Goodyear, Arizona and J. Hood of Phoenix, Arizona  Winners of our May early payment drawings for 1 free additional year of membership.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone that entered the drawing.

To Your Health With Jourdin Hendershot:

Exercises For Children

School‘s out for the summer!

Your children are probably yelling “hello summer” from the top of their lungs because they know that summer break means it‘s time to sit back and relax.  This typically translates to playing video games all day and night, playing on cell phones, sleeping in, and snacking all day.  Am I right?

However, children do not realize the importance of moving their bodies daily.  Creating healthy exercise habits can decrease their risk of becoming overweight or developing severe medical conditions such as diabetes.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the amount of exercise a child needs will depend on their age.
  • Children aged 3 – 5:
    • Need to be physically active throughout the day.
  • Children aged 6-17:
    • Aerobic Activity:
      • 60 minutes a day of walking, swimming, or anything that makes the heart beat fast.

    • Muscle Strengthening:
      • At least three days a week.  Example: weightlifting or push–ups.

    • Bone Strengthening:
      • At least three days a week.  Example: jogging, climbing stairs, or playing tennis.

    Below are some unique and fun ways to get your younger children up and moving:

    • Push-ups:
      • Put a small bowl of popcorn on the floor.  Have them lower themselves down and tell them to stick out their tongue to get a piece of popcorn!

    • Cleanup race:
      • Set a timer and see which child can clean their room the fastest.

    • Scavenger hunt:
      • Write up clues and hide them around the house. Kids can race around for a small prize at the end.
      • **Make sure each clue has an exercise attached to it. This exercise needs to be completed to move forward to the next clue.

    I have also seen some parents put together an “exercise chart” for their children.  This is essentially a monthly calendar that lists specific exercises and how many sets and reps need to be completed for that day.  Here is an example:

    • Monday:
      • Push-ups (as many as possible in 2 minutes)
      • Squats (4 Sets x 10 Reps)
      • 30 Minute Walk/Run

    These are just examples of how to get your children moving throughout the day!  Keep in mind, you will need to find a method that works for you and your family.

    If you have questions you would like to discuss with Jourdin, feel free to drop her an email by clicking here.

    The above health material is provided as an information service.  It should not be used for diagnostic purposes nor is it intended to take the place of the important relationship between you and your doctor.

    Grandma´s Kitchen With Grandma C.:

    Salsa Chicken And Cauliflower Rice Skillet

    Grandma C.
    1. 1 pound boneless skinless chicken thighs
    2. 1–2 tbsps olive oil
    3. 1 tbsp chili powder
    4. 1½ tsp ground cumin
    5. 1 tsp smoked paprika
    6. Salt and Pepper to taste
    7. 2 12oz pkgs frozen cauliflower rice
    8. 2 green onions
    9. 1 tsp minced garlic
    10. 1 4oz can diced green chilies
    11. ½ cup canned black beans, drained
    12. ¼ cup chopped fresh cilantro
    13. 1 cup salsa of your choice
    14. 1 cup shredded cheddar jack cheese
    Put olive oil into a skillet and heat on medium heat for 2 minutes or so.

    Sprinkle the chicken thighs with half each of chili powder, paprika, cumin and salt and pepper.

    Add thighs to skillet and cook until cooked through, approx. 15–20 minutes.  Remove from skillet and set aside.

    Add a little more oil to the skillet and place cauliflower rice, green onions, garlic, the remaining spices, salt and pepper. Toss to mix, then saute for 10–12 minutes until the cauliflower is tender.  Add salsa, black beans, green chilies and cilantro and stir.

    Place the chicken thighs onto the cauliflower rice and top them with some extra salsa and the shredded cheese.

    Cover the skillet and heat on medium–low until cheese is melted.

    Serve with garnishes such as shredded lettuce or sour cream.

    This recipe serves 4

    Enjoy!  And remember, if it looks and smells good, eat it!!

    If you have a recipe that you would like to share with Grandma C., drop her an email by clicking here.


    Bright Now! Dental - Avondale, Arizona

    Bright Now Dental Center
    Our spotlight for June goes to the city of Avondale, Arizona and shines on Bright Now! Dental.

    When it comes to choosing the right dentist for you and your family, you can find honest, quality care at Bright Now Dental Avondale.  The staff at Bright Now has been providing quality care to Savon members for over a decade.  If you live in the Avondale area, we invite you to visit them!

    The practice is located at 1473 N. Dysart Rd. #105, Avondale, Arizona.  The phone number is (623)925-1331.  We also invite you to visit them on the web.

    Say thank you to your dental office for the excellent manner in which you are treated by nominating your dentist!

    Fun Facts:

    Crazy, Zany Facts We Bet You Didn´t Know

    • It‘s impossible to tickle yourself.

    • Queen Elizabeth II is a trained mechanic.

    • You spray 2.5 drops of saliva per word.

    • Mary Shelley allegedly lost her virginity on her mother‘s grave.

    • Singing in a group boosts morale.

    • In 2016, Mozart sold more CDs than Beyonce.

    • 101 Dalmatians, Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, and Mulan are the only Disney cartoons where both parents are present and don‘t die throughout the movie.

    • The number of hot dogs consumed on the Fourth of July could stretch from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles five times over.  (Cue Legally Blonde quote: “You look like the Fourth of July — it makes me want a hot dog real bad!”)
    Come back for more in next months issue!

    Dental Talk - A Member Blog Forum:

    Come blog with us!  Dental Talk with Savon is a fun forum to post your interesting topics!  Your comments are welcome, it´s free to use and no membership is required.

    Some of the topics include:

    These are just a few of the topics.  Our blog site contains many other interesting topics.  Please join us!!

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    Questions From Our Members

    D. Donaldson of Dallas, Texas asks: 

    “I was a member of Savon many years ago.  When I joined I did so under your Open Enrollment.  When does your Open Enrollment begin and end for 2022”

    Savon’s Answer

    Wow!! You were indeed a member many years ago, 24 years ago to be exact!  Since you left the plan we have made many changes and one of them was discontinuing the “Open Enrollment Period.”

    We decided to do away with the open enrollment because we felt that it put unnessary pressure on prospective members and hampered their ability to make an informed decision.

    We now offer different entry plans.  The benefits are all the same with only the cost of the plan varying.  These are stable membership fees so there is no pressure.  Check out the plan and join when you are ready!

    Tooth Talk With Tommy The Wisdom Tooth

    Computer–Controlled Anesthesia Cuts The Ouch For Kids

    A direct reprint of an article by Melissa Busch, DrBicuspid.com associate editor
    Children injected with computer–controlled intraligamentary anesthesia prior to molar extractions felt less pain than those given typical inferior alveolar nerve blocks, according to a study published May 20 in BMC Oral Health.

    Not only was the rapid–onset, short–duration intraligamentary technique as effective as the conventional method, but there were also no reports of children biting their lips and cheeks following the procedures, the authors noted.  About one–third of children who received the conventional method reported biting their lips and cheeks, according to the study.

    “CC–ILA (computer–controlled intraligamentary anesthesia) provides significantly less painful injections than conventional techniques and has proved to be as effective as IANB (inferior alveolar nerve block) during extraction of mandibular primary molars,” wrote the authors, led by Dr. Rodaina Helmy of the department of pediatric dentistry and dental public health at Alexandria University in Egypt.
    Because administering local anesthesia to children is challenging, pediatric dentists are continually searching for less painful methods.  Though IANB is the most commonly selected technique for anesthetizing mandibular primary and permanent molars, its use can result in minor problems, like self–inflicted bites to the lip and major complications, including needle breakage and trismus.

    To overcome these limits, other techniques, such intraligamentary anesthesia, have been promoted.  This is an intraosseous injection, with local anesthesia reaching the cancellous space in the bone via the periodontal ligament.  It‘s effective immediately and prevents soft–tissue injury, but it only lasts for about 20 minutes, according to the study.

    To assess children‘s pain experience, 50 healthy children between the ages of 5 and 7 who needed primary molar extractions were enrolled in a clinical trial.  In January 2021, this trial was registered with ClinicalTrials.gov, a site maintained by the U.S. National Institutes of Health's U.S. National Library of Medicine.

    Half of the children were given CC–ILA, and the other 25 were given IANBs.  During injection and extraction, pain was measured using heart rate and the faces pain scale, which requires the children to select pictures that represented their experiences of indifference, satisfaction, and dissatisfaction.

    Researchers also used the sound eye motor scale (SEM) based on recorded video.  The SEM scale assesses an individual‘s pain based on crying, complaints, eye dilation, muscular contraction, and sudden hand and eye movements.

    During injection, heart rate scores were lower in children in the intraligamentary anesthesia group.  The median heart rate was 104.64 in the CC–ILA patients and 113.48 in the IANB group, they wrote.

    In the children administered CC–ILA, 22 participants reported being satisfied after injection, and 21 reported being satisfied after extraction.  In the IANB group, only 14 were satisfied after injection, and 13 were satisfied after extraction, according to the results.

    In the CC–ILA group, the mean SEM score was 1.15 during injection and 1.76 during extraction.  These scores were significantly lower than the other group at 2.53 and 2.53, respectively, the authors wrote.

    Further, 24 hours after extraction, parents were contacted to keep track of instances of lip or cheek biting.  In the alveolar nerve block group, 32% of the parents reported that their children experienced lip biting, while no children in the other group experienced this.

    The study was not able to account for anxiety that may have affected the results and negatively affected patients‘ pain reaction scores, the authors wrote.  Also, more studies should be conducted to investigate the effectiveness of CC–ILA for longer procedures before including it in routine dental care for children in the future.

    “CC–ILA provides less painful injections when compared to the conventional IANB and is more generally accepted by pediatric patients,” Helmy and colleagues concluded.

    Until next time; brush, floss and keep smiling!

    The above material is provided as an information service and is not intended as medical advice.

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